Private Clients
Being a Private Client with the Carter Goodson Travel means you benefit from a dedicated Travel Specialist as part of our exclusive service. They will build a relationship with you and familiarise themselves with all your likes and dislikes and can thus suggest holidays, itineraries and destinations based on your preferences or even book what you already know and like. Of course the bespoke service is just that - bespoke. This personal touch ensures that everything we plan for you is exactly what you want.

Our Travel Service

Private Jets. First class. Business class. Premium economy. Luxury hotels. Quality travel products suited to individuals who value their time and who deserve nothing other than exceptional service. We take great pride in providing this.

We know that our Private Clients tend to have highly respected senior roles, with a lot of pressure, so downtime is especially precious. Our Travel Specialists will help you make the most of your time away. We can create completely bespoke holidays, or last minute urgent flight arrangements.

Your personal Travel Specialist is dedicated to your travel needs and follows a simple but effective process.

Firstly, there's the forward planning - the theory before the practice. So to demonstrate our expert knowledge and forge a relationship with you, our teams can speak or meet you to discuss your plans whenever suits you. We will build a traveller profile which will ensure we know all of your preferences so that when we make suggestions they are right for you.

Secondly, we keep you informed. Before you leave we check that you have everything you need. All of you tickets / booking confirmations / visas, or if you require further assistance. Do you need a chauffeur?/ Valet parking? / Restaurant bookings? We will help to look after you so that you don't have to worry about a thing.

Thirdly, we are on-call throughout your travel. The relationship doesn't end with the booking. If you need anything, no matter how small, you can contact our specialists to assist. If there is a bigger issue we also have a 24 hour Emergency Travel Service who will effortlessly arrange alternative plans.

Lastly, the aftercare. Any feedback is always good feedback to have. If certain aspects of your travel were not to your liking we will update your profile accordingly and ensure that this is taken into account for any future travel arrangements. Your relationship with our travel specialist will constantly evolve to ensure you get the best service.

About Carter Goodson Travel

We always make a difference to the companies and people we work with at all levels, from procurement through to the business travellers, senior executives to secretaries. Our high levels of positive feedback from clients tell us that. It is hard to put a price on quality but we believe you will see the value.

We are a very proactive Travel Management Company and a member of the world largest travel management organisation with a turnover in excess of $4.5 billion and represented by offices across six continents and over sixty countries. We do this by investing in people and resources, getting the best deals for our clients.


A good reputation is worth more than money. Our clients know they can rely on us at all times. We provide solutions at the best price to deliver benefits and value to you. 94% of our clients come through personal recommendation. Of those, we have worked with some for over 15 years. Whoever our client is, from a small business to a global multinational company you will receive the same dedicated service and attention.
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